KraftPowercon - FlexKraft Switch Mode Rectifier

Rectifier Output: 0-200V 0-60,000A

Air & Water Cooled - Pole Reverse option available

ONE UNIFORM SOLUTION for ALL plating and anodizing processes.

LOWEST RIPPLE AVAILABLE < 2% ripple across the entire output. Under most load conditions < .2%.

DUAL OUTPUT gives you the ability to power two processes from one rectifier – reducing overall cost and footprint.

LOCAL SERVICE and fully stocked spare parts.

HIGH PRECISION & HIGH POWER high precision output for precious metal plating and high power for industrial hard chrome.

MODULAR DESIGN allows you to add more power as needed.

90% EFFICIENCY reduces your kW usage and saves you money.

SELF-SERVICEABLE RECTIFIER lets in-house maintenance teams service the FlexKraft and reduce downtime – do we include video?

SMALLEST FOOTPRINT in the industry.

Why wouldn’t you buy FlexKraft?

Imagine a shop with a uniform rectifier solution that works!  Once you know how to operate a this (1M unit) you can operate this (80M unit).

Accurate output = repeatable results = increased efficiency and less scrapped batches = lower operating costs.